I am going on a Disney Cruise!! This is part 1 of … well I’m not sure! ;)

The day I found out I’m going on a Disney Cruise … is the day my head officially popped off…Lol.

I have been an obsessed over-planner for our Walt Disney World trips since 1988 and I have not shown any signs of slowing down. Well, all of that planning took a turn as I boarded the ‘oh my goodness’ train.
I am going to be in a room with 5 people total and here are the ages, 71, 51, 46, 18 and 11. We are all family and get along great so the room is going to be fun not crowded.  My biggest concern was the thought of having an 11-year-old going into the tween club alone.  This sent me on a quest to try to figure out which level is our room on, what level she will be on, how can she get in touch with me  and ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh!

So I went into the mode of super planning like I’ve never planned before.  I checked out all the Disney Cruise books from my library, I read all the posts on Intercot.com and DisBoards.com, I even decided to make a PowerPoint presentation to provide my family a show of what I have learned – {it’s really to gain an understanding of this ship}.

Well – I learned a lot and I thought I would share some of what I learned here and maybe create a trip report on what I’ve learned and possibly help someone else.

Here we go – I will call this:

Our Disney Cruise on the Fantasy

– the beginning.

We have a total budget that had to include 5 people on this ship and transportation to and fro. My sister and I decided to take on the transportation to and fro for me and my child and her and her child to give us a longer cruise with more options. We settled on a 7 night cruise in the Western Caribbean. We picked our dates and booked that sucker.
Now the first step for me was knowing that my daughter and I are the only two that did not have passports.

As of 2000 the law was changed and now you cannot enter or leave The United States without a Passport – no matter what.

You used to be able to go to across the border to Mexico or cross the border to Canada without it but you cannot longer do that.  It is good for 10 years for me and 5 years for my daughter.  Having one opens man possible travel options – we may have to travel more!  Hee hee. 😉

So I figured in the beginning of this year I would go to the post office and with my application and get my passport.   Here is the first piece of information that may help other people…you do need an original copy of your birth certificate.  You can order a copy online.  I used this site for ours.  Once I went onto the Post Office website, I found the links to fill out the application for the Passport.  I did one for me and one for my daughter, I also decided to get the pictures done there too. Now the cost for this the Passport application for me and my daughter and the pictures came to $80 check for the United States Postal Service and a $190  check to the US Department of State. They also took my birth certificate which freaked me out because nobody’s ever taken it before and it became part of the application. They said it would take about 4 to 6 weeks for processing I would receive my passports in the mail and then a separate mailing receive my birth certificate back.

In a little under four weeks we both received our passports.  Still have not received our Birth Certificates…eeeek!

More details on this journey to follow.

Thank you for reading!!



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2 Responses to I am going on a Disney Cruise!! This is part 1 of … well I’m not sure! ;)

  1. Shari says:

    Exciting! Don’t keep us in suspenders! Let us know when you get your BC back. That is scary..

  2. kcwriter2000 says:

    Thank you for the comment!! Suspenders…lol! Working on part 2…still no Birth Certificate yet. :}

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